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Urban Orienteering

Letterkenny welcomes Urban Orienteering ……

Orienteering is a sport, which combines outdoor adventure with map reading and navigational skills. It involves navigating though parks, forests, open mountain or streets with the aid of a specially produced map and orienteering compass or mobile app, with the aim being to locate checkpoints (controls) on various natural and man-made features along the way, such as a boulder, track junction, Buildings or features.

The skill in orienteering is in choosing the best route between controls — while beginners’ courses may not offer choice, as you progress you will learn to decide between options — perhaps over a hill or a longer route which goes round it. It is this stimulating mental challenge as well as the physical activity that makes orienteering so popular. Each event may have a number of courses of differing lengths and levels of difficulty occurring at the same time, while having fun along the way.

Download the MapRun6 app from the app store or print off the maps here and let the fun begin…

Android App Store / Apple App Store

Ballymacool Park – Short A
Ballymacool Park – Short B
Ballymacool Park – Short C
Ballymacool Park – Medium A
Ballymacool Park – Medium B
Ballymacool Park – Test Loop

Bernard McGlinchey Park – Short A
Bernard McGlinchey Park – Short B
Bernard McGlinchey Park – Short C
Bernard McGlinchey Park – Medium A
Bernard McGlinchey Park – Medium B
Bernard McGlinchey Park – Medium C
Bernard McGlinchey Park – Long A
Bernard McGlinchey Park – Test Loop

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