Safeguarding 1 Workshop – Safeguarding Guidance for Children and Young People in Sport

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6:30 pm Wednesday 9th February

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Sports leaders, coaches, children’s officers and designated liaison persons (DLP) involved in any capacity with young people in sport are recommend to complete this Safeguarding 1 workshop. This course educates participants on the implementation of best practice in protecting the welfare of children involved in sport.

Sports Leaders will be able to:

• Implement best practice in protecting the welfare of participants.

• Create a child-centred environment within the sports club.

• Risk Assessment and Child Safeguarding Statement

• List categories of abuse and some indicators associated with abuse.

• Make appropriate response to a disclosure.

• Make a report to Designated Liaison Person or appropriate Statutory Authorities.

Certification is awarded by Sport Ireland on completion of this workshop. Participants must be over 18 years of age at the time of the workshop.*Exceptions may be considered by the Donegal Sports Partnership in advance of the workshop (e.g. 17 years of age +). provided participants complete and return a parental consent form (available on request) prior to the workshop.

For further details please contact us on: 074 9116078 or Email:

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