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Age & Opportunity Active National Grant Scheme

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Funding for Physical Activity in the Community

Offers financial supports – provided by Sport Ireland – to local clubs, groups and organisations, nationwide who promote increased participation in recreational sport or physical activity for older people.


It aims to assist in the implementation of locally-developed, well-planned activity and sport initiatives. In particular, the scheme is aimed at:

  • Supporting the work of Age & Opportunity Active including the network of PALs (Physical Activity Leaders) and the development of Go for Life Games and other initiatives;
  • Assisting local clubs/organisations to enhance existing opportunities for their members in recreational sport and physical activity;
  • Assisting local clubs/organisations to start new initiatives geared at involving older people in recreational sport and physical activity.


What will be awarded?

– Physical Activity Programmes

– Purchase of Equipment / Resource Materials

– Participation Events

The deadline for applications for this year’s allocation is 12 noon Friday 2nd October 2020



Please return your completed form to:

For information speak to our Active Programme team.

01 805 7733 OR email:

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