Education & Training – Inclusion & Disability Sport

Donegal Sports Partnership works closely with the CARA centre in the delivery of a comprehensive suite of training and education workshops.

Cara coordinates, develops and delivers inclusive training and education workshops across the Sport, Fitness, Adventure and Education sectors. All workshops are designed to equip participants with the knowledge, competence and skills necessary to include people with disabilities in sport and physical activity and increase quality provision.

Autism in Sport

This online workshop will provide attendees with an understanding of Autism focussing on the delivery of sport.It will help participants to recognise and understand key areas of difference as well as looking at practical strategies which will help to include people with autism in sport sessions.

Disability Inclusion Training

This workshop is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and ideas on how to adapt and modify your sport, physical activity or physical education sessions to make them more accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities.

Inclusive Fitness Training

This workshop is designed to increase the confidence and awareness of fitness managers, fitness professionals and all front line staff to work with people with disabilities in the fitness sector.

Donegal Sports Partnership also works with local partners such as the Donegal Education Centre to provide education and training programmes suitable for teachers/parents and special needs assistants.

Get Autism Active

This comprehensive online ASD and Movement series of 5 webinars is suitable for Teachers, SNAs and parents who wish to develop and upskill on knowledge and practice in relation to ASD with specific emphasis on movement as a strategy to promote regulation, reduce anxiety and increase engagement in classroom and incidental teaching and learning.

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