Activator Poles Programme

ACTIVATOR poles (and the special Activator technique) were developed by therapists in Canada. The poles are modifications of Nordic Walking poles and designed to accommodate the needs of people with stability issues including rehabilitation patients (e.g. hip/knee replacement), individuals with chronic conditions (e.g. Parkinson’s, Stroke), and older adults.

In 2017 FitWALKireland secured the licence to be the Irish distributor for Activator poles and has been promoting them through a mix of information sessions, taster workshops, and training programmes, with the help of the local Sports Partnerships.

This programme is community based and can be delivered indoors & outdoors

Walking with ACTIVATOR Poles;

  • improves stability
  • reduces impact on hips/knees
  • develop core strength
  • improve posture
  • promotes better gait pattern

Getting Involved...

If you are interested in hosting an Activator Poles programme in your area, please email for an expression of interest form.

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