Disability Sport

What We Do

The aim of the Sports Inclusion Disability Programme (SIDP) is to promote and encourage sport and physical activity amongst people with a disability. Since the inception of the SIDP programme in 2008 we have been developing a range of physical activity initiatives throughout County Donegal.

Our belief is that sport is for everyone irrespective of ability, our focus is on an individual’s ability not disability and we aim to support an individual’s participation in sport and/or physical activity.

Donegal Sports Partnership also offers capacity building opportunities in the area of disability and inclusive sport. There now exists a comprehensive education and training programme to support and enable the participation of people with a disability in sport and recreational physical activity.


Getting Involved...

We provide a range of programmes for children, young people and adults of all abilities. All of our initiatives are developed based on the needs in our community.

Some SIDP initiatives are developed independently whilst others are implemented in a collaborative approach with our partner organisations.

Types of initiatives include;

  • Sports Specific – gymnastics, athletics, badminton, wheelchair sports, boccia, water sports – (kayaking, surfing), cycling/handcycling, tennis
  • Physical Activity Based – fitness classes, dance, chair based exercise, walking, yoga

For further information, contact Thérèse Laverty by emailing sido@activedonegal.com or call 086 834 9056. 

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