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Education & Training – North West Region

To the AOD Education & Training plan 2022. The training plan is adjusted to a new blended approach with some online training and some in person training.
Over 1500 people have participated in the many educational courses and training sessions to date. Quality and evidenced informed information is utilised to ensure the education & training is relevant, with many disciplines catered for. The sessions are academically informed and are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to enhance your work, when you come into contact with alcohol or other drug issues.
Most of the training is free of charge; however there is a fee for the QQi level 5 in Community Addiction Studies and the Sports Coaches Training.

Community Addiction Studies

Alcohol and Other Drugs training for the next 6 months. As you all know drugs and alcohol including gambling are still a huge issue with our communities including our sporting communities and are adding huge levels of anxieties to many households and communities.
View/Download: Alcohol & Other Drugs: June – December Training Schedule

Community Addiction StudiesQQI Level 5 Accreditation Course

QQI level 5 Accredited Certificate Component. This course provides an excellent grounding in alcohol and other drug studies. It’s a fundamental knowledge base for those working in the field of alcohol and other drugs or coming into contact with alcohol and other drugs as part of their work.
View/Download: Community Addiction StudiesQQI Level 5 Accreditation Course Outline

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