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We provide opportunities for participating in sport and physical activities for individuals and specific target groups especially those most disadvantaged or marginalised.  We also deliver a comprehensive suite of sports related training and education initiatives which support capacity building and skill development. Learn More About Us


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Happy senior people running to stay helathy and lose weight



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DSP Peace IV (7)

Sports Club

an Outdoor Recreation Strategy for Donegal



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Currently there are 29 Local Sports Partnership operating in Ireland...
Training & Education
6:30 pm, Wednesday 8th March 2023 Register on Eventbrite PLEASE...
NGB Workshop
There will be four new Coaching Skills Schools led by...
Training & Education
6:30 pm Wednesday 22nd February 2023Register at Eventbrite PLEASE NOTE:...
Training & Education
Donegal Sports Partnership in collaboration with Donegal County Council and...
Women's Sport, Uncategorized
Drumkeen United are hosting Women’s Football every Thursday night from...

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Happy senior people running to stay helathy and lose weight

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